Puslinch Highspeed

is a committee made up of local residents and a member of Puslinch Township Council, all on a volunteer basis. It was formed in the summer of 2019 with one mission: Accelerate the deployment of high speed internet in Puslinch Township

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Who We Are

The committee was formed by Glenn James, a local resident and John Sepulis, a Puslinch Township councillor. Additional committee members include Joe Cascanette, Tudor Whiteley, Andrew Good, and Stephen Adshade.


The map below helps show that much of Puslinch is not served by high speed internet, despite the availability of high speed internet close by.  The below map was provided by Swift Internet Initiative.  The highlighted areas represent the areas that have access to fibre optic internet.


The committee’s mission will be accomplished by:

  • Working collaboratively with:
    • Current Internet Service Providers (ISPs),
    • Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT),
      https://swiftruralbroadband.ca/, a non-profit regional broadband organization,
    • County of Wellington
    • Puslinch Township
  • Advocating for the deployment of highspeed internet in Puslinch, to all potential partners.
  • If necessary, forming an ISP to deliver highspeed internet to the underserved areas of Puslinch Township.

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